Befriending, Buddying & Sitting


The sitting service was set up to allow carers to get out and have a well earned break. They may be caring for someone 24 hours a day without any respite and this service enables them to do whatever they wish for a while without worrying about their loved one.



Our volunteers befriend people in their area who are lonely, isolated or housebound. Calling in for a weekly chat and a cuppa goes a long way. Note:- Task is visiting in the home, not taking client out. Not for those people in Residential / Nursing Homes or in Warden Assisted Housing.

Befriending & Sitting service is ON HOLD AT THE MOMENT -  Due to COVID and funding.

We are working hard to restart these services and we are trying to secure funding


The aim of this Scheme is to help members of the community who have not left their home for some time and have lost confidence to go out.


Volunteer buddies are recruited to support them in various ways on a short term basis until they feel confident enough to go out independently.


This could be to just go for a coffee, attend a group meeting, trip to the shop or medical appointment etc.


If you know of any adults who may need this service or would like a Buddy yourself please contact us.

Hopefully it will help alleviate loneliness and assist individuals in gaining confidence, learning new skills, meeting new friends and socialising.


Volunteers do not provide transport and Covid secure guidelines will be followed at all times.