Derbyshire Mental Health



We are a project that provides support to voluntary sector organisations working to improve the mental health of people in Derby City & Derbyshire.


DMHF's key aims and activities are to:

· Enable the voluntary sector to become an equal and effective partner in the design and delivery of local services


· Support the mental health voluntary sector to share and promote good practice


· Inspire confidence in mental health provision across voluntary and statutory sectors


· Build and develop the sector to meet new challenges and opportunities


· Provide a support network for organisations and individual workers

· Support commisioners to communicate with the sector - through meetings, focus groups, consultation and task and finish groups


Forum Meetings
We run regular Forum Meetings – up to six per year. Twice a year we come together with Derbyshire Voluntary Action for a Joint Countywide meeting which is attended by commissioners. The Forum Meetings are an opportunity for people within the sector to talk to the commissioners, to network and to make new contacts. The meetings are also well attended by representatives from our membership, commissioners, other public/ voluntary sector partners and wider stakeholders.


The meetings are open to all mental health providers and have a voluntary sector focus. We invite speakers of interest to come along to discuss new projects being launched and provide updates to the sector on current projects etc. There are also discussions that take place on local mental health policy.

Forum Meetings 2021

& Joint Countywide Meetings in conjunction with Derbyshire Voluntary Action











Forum News

We send out regular email information – Forum News ebulletins.

These are on a variety of different topics relating to mental health and

running an organisation or group. We work across

Southern Derbyshire - Amber Valley, Erewash, South Derbyshire and

Derby City. They are usually focused around the voluntary sector, but we

are happy to share information with and from our statutory and private partners.

Derby and Derbyshire Community Groups Network

Wednesday 9th February 1.30-3pm via zoom


Wednesday 6th April 1.30-3pm via zoom

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We look forward to inviting those mental health groups mostly led by volunteers to an informal space. This is a joint project with @dva_info. 


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Date of Meeting                      Lead                                         Venue

Tuesday 1st February 2022     Derbyshire Mental Health          Online via Zoom
1.30pm - 3.30pm                      Forum                

Tuesday 22nd March 2022       Joint County Wide                     Online via Zoom
1.30pm - 3.30pm                      Mental Health Forum

Tuesday 28th June 2022          Derbyshire Mental Health          Online via Zoom
1.30pm - 3.30pm                       Forum

Tuesday 27th Sept 2022           Joint County Wide                     Online via Zoom

1pm - 3pm                                 Mental Health Forum

Tuesday 29th Nov 2022            Derbyshire Mental Health          Online via Zoom
1.30pm - 3.30pm                       Forum