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The Mental Health and Suicide Prevention projects’ aim is to increase awareness around mental health and suicide prevention across Derbyshire and Derby City.


If you are part of a small business, community organisation, charity, sports club or any other local group then we can support you with:


  • Access to a variety of fully funded mental health and suicide awareness training courses

  • Support to develop mental health action plans and policies within your organisation

  • The opportunity to join a network of Mental Health First Aiders, to share good practice, signposting resources and peer support

  • Mental Health workshops (great for team meetings, group sessions and engaging children and young people)

  • Access to a range of resources and signposting information

  • Ongoing support from the development worker


Here are some testimonials from organisations that we have worked with:


“Mental health had always been something I wanted to promote through our football club as our demographic mirrors the worrying statistics on men's mental health problems and we suffer from that macho sport where talking about our own problems can be perceived as a weakness. This project is a very positive and supportive experience." – Football Coach

“At my running group a gentleman was struggling to keep up, so i walked with him and we had a chat. He talked about his health problems and we discovered that we shared similar problems. My mental health training taught me to allow people time and prompt when i felt the need, in this situation i had time to reflect on my training and put my skills to good use. He thanked me for my time!” – Running Club Leader

“I just want to say a huge thank you for coming in and sharing your amazing knowledge of mental health. The people in our office were talking about it for days afterwards. It really was an incredible morning.” – Local Charity Organisation

“It was a great session that made us all think more about our own mental health and gave us the tools to support others. We are now all much more aware of how to help ourselves and others and we have a pack of information available to all our members if they would like to read it.” – Small Business

We want to make sure you feel confident to have conversations around mental health, so if you live and/or work in Derbyshire or Derby City, get in touch today to see how we can support you!


Please browse the links below for more information and support

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Facebook - Mental Health & Suicide Awareness

Twitter - @mental_forum


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