Social Prescribing can help you find local groups, social activities and support in your community     


Who is involved

Social Connectors are GP front line staff who can give you advice on how to access this service.

They may direct you to a Social Connector Coffee Morning or one to one appointment, details on these can be found on your GP Practice website, the social media accounts below, or by calling Erewash Voluntary Action on 0115 9466740.                                                  



This is delivered in partnership with the Erewash Primary Care Network.


GP Link workers

If more time is needed to discuss your needs an appointment will be made to meet with a GP link worker who will be able to spend time with you finding out what matters to you and what your goals might be. They are available at the Coffee Mornings and also have are 1 hour appointments that the social connectors or your GP can book for you  so you can have a more private chat about your interests and the type of activities you might like to do.

The aims of this piece of work is to connect local people to (local) social groups support and activities to improve their your health and wellbeing.


How does Social Prescribing work in Erewash?

Health professionals can refer you to a GP Link Worker if they feel a longer conversation is needed. The GP Link worker will make contact and arrange the best way of meeting or having a conversation by phone. 

GP Link Workers can have a chat with you about what matters to you and based on this will give you information and advice on accessing local support groups and social activities.

Social Prescribing can help you to take control of your own health and wellbeing by giving you time to think about what matters most to you, and how the service can work with you to improve your health and wellbeing.

Please ask at your GP Practice Reception




Social Prescribing Newsletter January 2020




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