Connect Erewash

Connect Derbyshire Conference 30 June 2022


Accessibility and Connecting People Workshop led by Becky Daykin Connect Erewash Development Worker. 


The PowerPoint Presentation is now available here


Derbyshire County Council Public Health have commissioned Erewash Voluntary Action to lead the development of work to reduce loneliness and isolation in Erewash. Our project is called Connect Erewash.

Connect Erewash is a project to reduce isolation and loneliness, and to work with communities and groups to identify activities to help improve or reduce isolation in communities.

The funding for the project was secured in the aftermath of the death of MP Jo Cox and in response to ‘A Connected Society’ a strategy to combat loneliness. The website link provides more information: DDCMS Loneliness Strategy (

Connect Erewash looks at the whole life course as people may experience loneliness and isolation at any stage if their life and dependent on circumstances. The diagram below shows the impact

Connect Erewash has a Steering Group made up of interested partner organisations who contribute to the development of the work. A Connect Erewash Action Plan provides the framework for the project.

Our Connect Erewash Development Worker Becky Daykin is leading this project.

Community Networks


Community Networks

Community Networks in Kirk Hallam, Cotmanhay, Petersham, Sandicare and Sawley have developed over the last twelve months initiated from the Erewash Health Partnership. These are a new way of working to grow and develop community engagement based on seven community wellness principles.

Community Networks are a partnership of community groups, organisations and individuals that have an interest in improving the health and wellbeing of residents, as well as encouraging the local community voice within the network. Each network has developed a community wellness action plan.

The Erewash Health Partnership have made funding available to the Community Networks to support development costs.

The Development Worker coordinates the Sawley and Sandiacre Community Networks and Erewash Voluntary Action holds the funding for both networks.

Our Connect Erewash work links directly to the Community Networks where there are projects and initiatives to help alleviate loneliness and isolation.



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